Who We Are

Drocco Electronic Systems

Drocco Electronic Systems assembles printed circuit board and specializes also in managing - on behalf of its clients - all the production phases of finished electronic products. (including assembly, moulding, inspection and shipping).
Drocco Electronic Systems can handle the entire productive cycle starting from the design phase - thanks to its Research and Development Department – and including prototyping, maintenance and after sale repairs.
Drocco’s ability to develop both its own projects and those of its clients - as well as producing on their behalf - increases client competitiveness: it ensures higher product quality and performance together with reduced costs.

Our Mission

Drocco’s mission is to support clients in product creation, design and development as well as working alongside them during production.
In particular Drocco knows how to value product design and improve assembly efficiency, both in terms of cost and timing by innovating and carrying out the entire productive process within the company.
Drocco has chosen to invest on technology whilst never forgetting the importance of every single staff member.

Why choose us?

The combination of our competence and experience allows clients to:

  • Optimize costs by eliminating wastage of material

  • Optimize schedules and company resources

  • Solve production problems in the design phase


Please feel free to contact us for any information you may require.

Drocco Electronic Systems
Strada Antica di Francia, 39
10057 Sant’Ambrogio di Torino - Torino<
Phone: +39 011 3858128
Email: info@drocco.net

Our history

La Drocco was founded in 1973 as a mainly manufacturing company by the innovative engineer Carlo Rostan and his wife Piera Drocco. At the time it performed cutting and broaching, nowadays out of date, and also the manual mounting of specific home appliances. All this inside a small garage! Years passed, the activity increased and so by the end of the ‘70s moving into larger premises became essential.

When Carlo and I divorced I realized that it wasn’t time to give up but rather to renew Drocco in order to bring it to the forefront. So I commissioned the construction of our first high performance cam mechanical assembly machine.
In 1990 our eldest son David joined the company.
1993 represents another milestone in our history: we bought our first injection based moulding machine for thermoplastic material. Therefore David started to design and build assembly machines and tin soldering.
In 2000 we began the production of printed circuit board using SMT (Surface Mounting Technology).

Piera Drocco

By now Drocco has the expertise for assembling products, the machinery for moulding plastic and more importantly innovative lines for mounting printed circuit board. Therefore the company can carry out the entire productive process on its premises. This is the real asset that currently enables Drocco to become a trusted partner for multinationals.
Since 2006 David, with the collaboration of a team of professional designers, engineers and produces electronic products for domotics on behalf of a multinational company leader in the field.

Our Staff

We invest on the value of technology without ever forgetting the importance of every member of our staff